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NanoFrazor explore

The NanoFrazor explore is a unique tool for rapid-prototyping of nanostructures and nanodevices. It has been developed for researchers, who want to have easy and quick access to high-resolution nanometer sized geometries of almost  arbitrary kind. Even 3D nanopatterns can be fabricated in a single step and with unmatched precision.

The closed-loop lithography (CLL) concept of our technology makes the patterning procedure extremely robust. The simultaneous inspection of the written nanostructures allows immediate quality control and feedback about the process. The `usual’ wet development step and subsequent imaging is no longer necessary.

This reduces the total fabrication time dramatically compared to other nanolithography techniques.

In contrast to e-beam lithography, the NanoFrazor does not need vacuum  or high voltages. The processes and calibrations of the machine are fully automated, which makes the NanoFrazor very simple to use even for non-experts.

For researchers who are interested in the new NanoFrazor technology itself, the NanoFrazor explore is designed in a way to leave plenty of possibilities for the  integration of extensions or the exploration of beyond lithography applications.

Download NanoFrazor brochure.

Key features

  • max. area accessible with the tip: 100mm x 100mm
  • modes: Write, Read or Write+Read (CLL-mode)
  • Correlation Stitching
  • Correlation Overlay
  • integrated high-resolution optical microscope
  • easy cantilever exchange
  • easy-to-use graphical user interface for all basic functions
  • open software environment for own software extensions (based on C++ and Igor Pro)
  • triple-layer anti-acoustic housing
  • vibration isolated granite table (with threads and space to mount additional equipment)
  • integrated 19-inch rack with room for additional controllers
  • integrated gas supply, which makes the NanoFrazor independent of the lab environment
  • humidity and temperature monitoring
  • movable on roller casters
  • footprint: 127.5cm x 77.6cm
  • Realistically priced for University and industrial R&D budgets

What does the word “Frazor” mean?

The philological origin of “Frazor” is a mix of German and English. The German word for a milling tool is “Fräse”. That’s the first part of “Frazor”. In principle, the NanoFrazor removes material somehow similar to a chisel or a milling tool. The second part comes from the English word “razor” and underlines the sharpness of the tip. (Actually, a NanoFrazor tip is much sharper than a typical shaving razor, but that’s a detail).

“Frazor” is also a colloquial verb (German: “frazern” or “wegfrazern”). “To frazor” simply means “to create a nanostructure by heat-induced local evaporation of material from a surface”.