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Latest news

  • 25 Apr 2014

    Another world record! IBM demonstrates the capability of the NanoFrazor technology by patterning of the "smallest magazine cover". The nano-relief of National Geographic Kids cover was written and imaged simultaneously using the NanoFrazor closed-loop lithography technology. The AFM topography image consists of almost 10 million pixels and the pattern was written and imaged in 10 min in the...

  • 20 Mar 2014

    Successful installation of a NanoFrazor explore at the McGill university in Montréal. First written pattern was a 3D map of Canada.

  • 21 Jan 2014

    The "1st Thermal Probe Workshop" was a great success. 30 experts discussed all day about the science and the opportunities of thermal probes. The feedback was all positive, so we decided to plan already the "2nd Thermal Probe Workshop" for 2015. It will take place on the 15th and 16th of January in Zurich.

  • 3 Dec 2013

    150‘000 CHF! SwissLitho wins the Heuberger Winterthur Jungunternehmerpreis, the most valuable startup award in Switzerland. The award ceremony was exciting till the end, when SwissLitho was finally announced as winner. More than 130 companies applied for this competition.

Upcoming events

  • 22–26 Sep 2014

    40th MNE in Lausanne, Switzerland. As a matter of course, SwissLitho will set up a NanoFrazor tool for live demonstrations in the entry hall of the new Swiss Tech Convention Centre. Expect surprises!