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Latest news

  • 5 Aug 2014

    Paper published in Nature Nanotechnology. The review article "Advanced Scanning Probe Lithography" by Ricardo Garcia, Armin Knoll and Elisa Riedo provides a nice overview of the state-of-the-art and the capabilities and advantages of various Scanning Probe Lithography techniques, including...

  • 1 Jul 2014

    NanoFrazor Explore successfully installed in Lausanne! The EPFL Microsystems Laboratory receives as our first Swiss costumer the NanoFrazor Explore.

  • 22 May 2014

    The first live demo of the NanoFrazor at the "Swiss Nanoconvention 2014" created a lot of attention: More than 60 people came to our booth and wrote their own nano pattern with the NanoFrazor! We were impressed by the numerous funny and creativ images, that were written during the SNC! Curious? Next opportunity to try the NanoFrazor yourself will be at the MNE 2014, 22-26 Sep, in Lausanne! Just...

  • 25 Apr 2014

    Another world record! IBM demonstrates the capability of the NanoFrazor technology by patterning of the "smallest magazine cover". The nano-relief of National Geographic Kids cover was written and imaged simultaneously using the NanoFrazor closed-loop lithography technology. The AFM topography image consists of almost 10 million pixels and the pattern was written and imaged in 10 min in the...

Upcoming events

  • 2–4 Dec 2014

    40th MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit in Boston, Massachusetts. Visit us at our booth at the MRS and learn more about the NanoFrazor!

  • 15–16 Jan 2015

    2nd Thermal Probe Workshop in Zurich from 15-16 Jan 2015 in Zurich - safe the date! After the success of the first workshop in 2014, we will continue with the concept of a scientific meeting to discuss about various topics of thermal probes. The programm including the list of speakers will follow soon. Registration opens in Oct 2014

  • 22–26 Feb 2015

    Visit us at the SPIE Advanced Lithography 2015 in San Jose.